The World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) is the association responsible for registering Jack & Jill competitions at all official West Coast Swing events around the world.

The Brazilian Open Championships is included as a member of the WSDC, holding official international competitions in Brazil. Thus, all BR Open competitors will have their names and placements officially registered on the Council's website, in addition to accumulating points for changing categories.



Imagine a West competition in which you choose your partner, but the song is drawn and you will have to improvise right away. This is Strictly Swing.


An improvised fun that is worth combining clothes with your partner to fill the eyes of the judges, it is just not possible choreographing. Invite now that friend you love to dance, the one you are thinking about and participate.


Do you and your partner have Novice points? Feel free to choose between the Strictly Novice or Open.


At least one of you is not a Novice? So, it is at the Strictly Open that you will rock, as Intermediates, Advanceds or All Stars can only participate in the Strictly Open.

Jack & Jill 

NOVICE, IntermediATE & ADVANCED-All Star  

In this West competition, to have butterflies in one's stomach and the fun are doubled, because in addition to the music the person you will dance with will also be drawn.


Jack & Jill is a true improvised show with guaranteed fun and you still earn points at WSDC, the Global association of West, which allows you to move up categories.


Want to compete in J&J Novice? Feel free, there is no need for any point.

Want to compete in J&J Intermediate or J&J Advanced - All Star? You must have official points registered with the WSDC to compete in these categories or petition to move up.


How to make the petition? Just give the form below filled out in English to the head Judge or reception of the event until Saturday noon, and the form of evaluation will be explained at the event.


In this West competition everyone who is at the event make the party together in a big style, regardless of the level of dance. It is the moment when everyone become Brazilians regardless of their nationality, because the important thing is to celebrate! Of course, the organization prepares the right surprises so that this West competition will look like Brazil and put everyone on a roll.


Is this competition only for Brazilians? No. It is for all participants in the event.

What is the level of this competition? All levels, from Novices to Champions.

Who will I dance with? Your pair will be drawn as in Jack & Jill.




  • Registration in the competitions are made together with your registration in the event or after, through the same website.

  • To participate, you must obtain at least the Party Pass of the event.

  • It is not possible to compete more than once in the same style of competition at different levels.

  • You must choose whether to dance as a leader or as a follower and keep the choice in all competitions of the event.

  • Do not forget to respect the results of the judges and feel free to obtain their respective feedbacks at appropriate times for the judges.


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