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The Brazilian Open Championships happens in the city of Fortaleza - Brazil. Member of The World's Swing Dance Council (WSDC), the event features official West Coast Swing competitions, workshops and Open Talks given by renowned dancers, super dance parties with national and international Dj's and more. All this being enjoyed in an incredible hotel in front of the sea in one of the main beaches of the host city of the event, plus a three - day post - event tour on a beach considered a true paradise by tourists from diferent parts of the world.

Always striving for excellence and well-being of its participants, the BR Open, more than an event, is a great dance experience in a perfect setting for a vacation, whose participants are the real show. An event that the public will have the opportunity to see great presentations and all the technical quality of the WCS competitors not only from Brazil, but all over the world.

Try what the northeast of Brazil has the best. Come to the Brazilian Open Championships, your dance experience with brazilian flavor!








gran mareiro hotel

Imagine you can enjoy an incredible pool, sauna, comfortable rooms with sea view, gym, restaurant with the best delicacies in the area, besides a swim in the beach right in front of the hotel. The Brazilian Open brings this experience to you.


Zouk and west "from zero", lifts lab, viewer and more ...

beach tour to jericoacoara

Renew your energies and have even more fun with your dance friends in one of the most searched destinations by tourists from all around the world.

Official COMPETITIONS and shows

Lots of fun with the Jack & Jill (WSDC), Strictly Swing, Rising Star, All Brazilians competitions and other shows where incredible national and international artists will perform.


The Brazilian Open Championships is the perfect union of vacation and development of your dance. For the perfect balance of these two points, we provide workshops with very competent professionals, as well as the Open Talks with professionals from different areas.


Kevin Kane, Kailua - USA

I loved the Brazilian open because of the location, the people and the energy.
Fortaleza and the area around has some of the most beautiful beaches and I loved the warm weather. The people were so welcoming and warm, I felt like family. 

The best part of the Brazilian open is the energy that is created by a big group of people who is excited to be there, learn, grow and share their dancing with each other. Well that and the 2 fresh coconuts I drank every day.

Cher Peadon, Dallas - USA

I was a staff member, DJ, for the First Brazilian Open, reporting to Jessica Pacheco, Event Director. I found the Brazilian community to be most gracious, hospitable and very friendly. I had a wonderful time and would recommend this event to any dancer. You will have a ball!

Matt Auclair, St. Louis - USA

The Brazilian Open was so much fun! Such a great equal amount of great instruction with fun moments. The staff are professional, friendly and very talented. I hope to get the opportunity to go back soon.

Lindsay Misttreta, Massachusttes - USA

This event is so much more than a west coast swing convention. It is family, love, support, culture, laughter, energy, and relaxation, all in one.  The staff is incredible to work with and learn from, and the dancers are attentive, driven, and extremely talented. This community welcomed me like no community ever has- with open arms, warm smiles, and lots of Cachaça! The Brazilian Open is an event you’ll never want to end! If you haven’t been yet, you can’t miss this year!

Craig Jackson, Dallas - USA

The Brazilian Open is a special event.    

The dancers are very musical and are super friendly.  About 40% of the dancers speak English and are happy to translate for you. So, don’t think you need to speak Portuguese to attend.  

The staff at the event is amazing organized. They will help get connected with Brazilian dancers if you need rides or share Uber’s to see the city.

If, you are coming from the US the exchange rate is very good.   It was 4-1 last year. Your airline ticket will be your most expensive part of the trip.

The Brazilian is one of the best events I have attended.  It’s truly a great dance event with a mini vacation along with it.